Unique, unshelled nut wreaths handmade from all natural ingredients
  General facts:
  • Each Heirloom Wreath is a unique, one-of-a-kind work
    of art, personally signed by the Artist, Malbea LaPete,
    and copyright protected
  • Heirloom Wreaths are triple coated with UV-protective
    clear varnish for a gloss finish
  • Heirloom Wreaths emit no fragrance
  • We start each wreath with a 1/8” thick wooden ring
  • Our wreaths can lay flat or hang by the wire hanger built into the back of each wreath
  • To clean an Heirloom Wreath, dust with compressed air
  • Heirloom Wreaths are intended for indoor use (avoid direct sunlight and rain)
  • Storage: If your wreath contains unshelled nuts, use an animal-proof container
wire hook and artist's signature
Back of wreaths have wire
hook and artist's signature
Fresh Pinecone Wreath

24" Fresh Pinecone Wreath

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