Heirloom Wreaths Unique, unshelled nut wreaths handmade from all natural ingredients

Our Promise

We make our Heirloom Wreaths with ingredients crafted in a quality manner so they can last for generations. We sell our product as is, with no warranty or guarantee.

How do I order?

For online orders, use our on-line payment option Pay-Pal.
To order through US Mail, send a certified check or money order payable to:

Heirloom Wreaths
2841 Homeland Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30360

(Personal checks are not accepted.) Include your name, address, phone number, your order, and where you want each shipment sent. Include 7% tax if you are a Georgia resident, and $10.00 per wreath for shipping and handling. Once your order is received and funds verified, your order will be shipped via UPS. We notify you via phone and/or e-mail that your order is on its way.

What do your prices include?

The price for each Heirloom Wreath includes the wreath and its cardboard shipping box with insulation foam. Tax, shipping and handling fees are added online through Pay-Pal.

What is your availability?

All Heirloom Wreaths are made to order. We suggest placing orders early. We keep a small supply of our best sellers on hand. We ship within 7 days from receipt of your order.

What is the tax?

Georgia residents pay 7% sales tax on each order. Non-Georgia residents do not pay tax.

How do you ship?
Online orders are shipped within 7 days of receipt via UPS. Online orders cannot be shipped outside the continental United States. To ship outside the continental US, contact Heirloom Wreaths at info@heirloomwreaths.com or telephone 678-516-5155 in the US. Inspect your shipment immediately. We do not accept returns after 14 days of receipt.

What is you return policy?

If you decide you want to return the wreath, package it in it's original packaging and ship it insured for the amount of the purchase price of the wreath. See the Contacts page for our address. We do not refund after 30 days from receipt of payment through Pay-Pal. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable.

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