Heirloom Wreaths Unique, unshelled nut wreaths handmade from all natural ingredients
  About Heirloom Wreaths
  Our main talent is Malbea LaPete, a vivacious redhead compelled to create. Every holiday season her mother, Malbea Britton (the Senior), displayed a unique wreath her mother (Stella Gertrude Lauriat) made in the 1950s containing unshelled brazil nuts, walnuts, pinecones, and such. After more than 50 years of display, Grammy Lauriat’s wreath still gets attention as a family heirloom.
With a knack for creating things unique, Malbea saved a bag of leftover nuts from the holidays one year and took Grammy’s simple idea into the 21st century. She started with a sturdy wooden circle and added more all natural ingredients, like pine cones, cinnamon flints, and juniper berries. Family and friends commented on how rich the new wreaths looked. They seemed to be of “heirloom” quality. And so the name Heirloom Wreaths was chosen.

Malbea knows how to give. She gave Heirloom Wreaths as gifts to family and friends for years. Soon recipients wanted to give them to their friends and family, and our Heirloom Wreaths business was born.
  Malbea LaPete, crafter
  Malbea LaPete, crafter of Heirloom Wreaths.
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